• Facilitate proper identification of authors and publishers and their works as well as accurate metadata
  • Provide direct licensing - public performance – playing recorded music in public, including radio or television broadcasts, sync for tv, films

  • advertisements, games and other productions

  • Undertake international collections from agencies and CMOs and make payments of royalties to artists and labels

  • Build the capacity of rights owners and SMEs to utilize their IP assets
  • Organize seminars, workshops and training programmes and share best practices
  • Promote intellectual property awareness


Our knowledge and experience of global intellectual property rights system means we can creatively serve clients’ needs by navigating the many pitfalls and hurdles in the complex environment of international intellectual property law and protection for your benefit.

Our approach to protecting Intellectual Property assets is based on the client’s unique business requirements followed by a tailored IP Strategy that is fully integrated with clients’ commercial interests.


We facilitate the assignment of international identifiers /standards codes for effective identification of authors and publishers' and their musical works; and performers' their  sound/audiovisual recordings to ensure they receive due remuneration wherever, whenever and however their works are used.


We build the capacity of creators or owners of patents, trademarks or industrial designs  to protect, value and commercialize their works in order to benefit from their creation.



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